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Oldest Known South Asian Cookbooks

South Asia is the southern region of the Asian continent made up of many countries. The old south Asian food was made using a given procedure for its perfection. Numerous resource materials were made for guidance during cooking with the requirements needed, the process used during cooking. These books have helped multiple and give them the knowledge required during cooking time. The books are numerous and therefore, the user is given a variety to choose the best out of it. These books may be found in book centers and are also available on websites. These give you the chance to get the book anywhere, at any time without moving and is relatively cheap.

You can either download the book

You can either download the book for free or read it online at any time. Some of these materials were composed a while ago, they provide detailed information on what is to be followed. This is the reason why many users prefer these old resourceful books as old is gold. In South Asia information has been transmitted from one generation to another so there is a high probability that a process that was followed 1000 years is still in use now. Resource materials made long ago majorly consist of main ingredients used during cooking because writing plus printing materials were scarce.

Oldest Known South Asian Cookbooks

The complete Asian cookbook by Solomon was first composed in 1976 not that old but is made up of more than thirty cookbooks from different regions in South Asia making it more resourceful with more knowledge. You can access numerous recipes plus procedures in this one book, making it easier for you. The book has also been translated into different languages for wider access. German, French, Dutch have their version of this book. The book has high demand in markets in wide South Asia and all over the globe. It is in high demand because it has recipes from numerous countries giving you the opportunity to cook any of them. The Complete Asian cookbook has recipes from more than fifteen countries.

SouthEast Asian Food is a book first written in 1960, hosting wide knowledge of ancient Asian food. The book was written by Rosemary and was edited a couple of times since it was first published. Rosemary wrote the book after visiting Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, giving her advanced knowledge about South Asian recipes. This book may have the information you are looking for and is one of the highest selling cooking materials recently.

Amish o Niramish Ahar is a book written in the 1900s being the oldest cookbook. It is the first book that gives procedures and recipes written by Debi. There are other various cookbooks written between the 19th century in different languages but some already have translations to a more known language. Making access to these articles easy, they are found on different online websites where you can read a whole book for free. You can order or buy it on their online platforms and deliveries are made. There are modern cookbooks available in the market now with detailed information on how to make some ancient South Asian food.

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