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Recipe Of An Ancient Indian Dish

Traditional Indian dishes were made keenly to make the body healthy. They were prepared with high medicinal quantities to ensure that they give value to health and prevent common diseases. Traditional Indian meals were mainly prepared with vegetables, milk, or grains and especially to suit all those to be served. Ancient Indian foods contained recipes that were simple to learn and prepare for the growing generation to learn from. However, some meals have become extinct and are not prepared by current Indians because of a mixture of cultures from different places. The preparation of the dishes was done uniquely depending on the state that it was being prepared.

Steam cooking of fermented rice and

Steam cooking of fermented rice and batter resulted in a white-colored mean called idli. For the fermentation process, the black gram was necessary to enable bacterial agents to work on the batter and ferment it ensuring a protein value is derived from it. Idli is rich in a protein value that makes it fit to be used as a bodybuilding meal and make a body to be in perfect shape regardless of age, a condition that affects people by a great percentage. The preparation of idli took few minutes because most of the ingredients are ready by the time cooking is being done. Idli is served in the evening during dinner or can be used as supper.

Dosa is an ancient Indian meal

Dosa is an ancient Indian meal that is made to date and has an origin from South India. During its preparation, ingredients like onions and ginger are added up for seasoning, while the main ingredient used is rice grains. Dosa can be prepared in different forms which are a result of the regions in India with each region having a special manner of preparing the dosa. In South India, masala dosa is highly used due to its nutritious nature that brings good health to the users.

Recipe Of An Ancient Indian Dish

Ambali is a traditional dish that was common in South Indian states, although it is not common today. It is a millet-based dish that includes crushing millet to make it powdery or make millet flour out of it. The millet flour is then mixed with water to form a thick paste after which it is submitted for a fermentation process. Fermentation bacteria are present in the mixture resulting from the millet that adds the nutritious value of the dish. Ambali is served in the morning to provide energy to perform activities of the day due to its capability to provide a high level of energy when broken down.

Dhokla is an ancient dish that is made from fermenting a Bengal gram with rice grains. Fermenting dhokla gives a certain level of acidity to it that makes a sour taste emerge. The sour taste is responsible for sweetness obtained in dhokla, which makes the meal highly nutritious when taken into the body. Served during breakfast, dhokla provides nutrients that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream making energy giving food. The energetic nature of dhokla makes it easy to be used in building muscles for good coordination in the body. These Indian meals are known to be the best especially for the aging guys who find it difficult to eat some foods.

Indian states made bananas as a dish to provide nutrients and heal some deficiency diseases. To prepare green bananas, they were peeled off before being washed in clean water. Cooking oil was measured then put on the fire to fry, after which onions and tomatoes were added to spice it up. Preparing bananas takes a short time because of their soft nature that makes them easily softened. A banana is composed of different parts that have diverse functions. The fruit of the banana contains nutrients that help in healing diseases and are good for achieving a balanced diet meal. Banana leaves were sometimes served some types of food on making it to have numerous advantages.

Mango Pachadi is a traditional Indian meal made mostly among Tamilians during Tamil festivals. To prepare Mango Pachadi, green mangoes are peeled off then chopped into small pieces to suit being crushed. Ingredients are added to the peeled mangoes and jaggery, a form of fluid, added to the result to form a thick paste. Depending on your preference, hot chili peppers can be added to add to its sweetness.

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