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The Best South Indian Dish

South Indian dishes have a good taste because of their good preparation methods. A dish in South India contains ingredients and special spices that add up to its sweet taste. South Indian foods are commonly associated with rice grains which have a variety of recipes. People in South India eat using the right hand, while the left hand is left clean to be used in drinking water. The dish made is aromatic and brings an appetite that makes it easily likable. The preparation of the food is done in a special form to ensure the expectations of all its users are met. South Indian states have special diets that are differently prepared across different regions because of different preferences of people.

Masala dosa is a meal that

Masala dosa is a meal that is sweetly prepared in most regions of South India. Dosa is a dish made from rice that is fermented with lentils and made into a pancake appearance. It is a tasty meal that is served during breakfast to give a good start to the day. Masala dosa is a light meal that is made in hotels by chefs who are trained in the preparation of special meals. It is made from ingredients constituting onions or tomatoes to add on to its sweetness. Masala dosa is traditionally prepared and is served in most places throughout South India.

The Best South Indian Dish

Chicken 65 is a dish made from poultry chicken that has been deep-fried in cooking oil. This dish is made through the marination of the chicken in spices consisting of ginger and onions or lentils. Chicken 65 is made in various varieties depending on which state you come from. In some states, it is made from 65 chili peppers or made from a chicken that is 65 days old in other states. This dish can be served during lunch hours, dinner, or in the evening for supper. It can be served with rice or chapati depending on the preference of a person.

Appam is a dish that is made from rice flour and coconut milk. Rice is made into powder by crushing it to form its powder which is put in a bowl. Coconut milk is added into the bowl and thoroughly mixed with that flour to form a thick paste. The paste is cooked using cooking oil to form a cake resembling a pancake. Appam can be served in the morning alongside hot tea or coffee, or in the evening for supper. It is enjoyable to a family that uses it especially for an event because of the good taste appam contains.

Sambar dish is made from lentils or vegetables to bring an enhancement to the taste. The dish is famous in most South Indian states since the sambar contains a pleasant taste that brings a smile to a face. Sambar is prepared alongside other meals and taken while hot to ensure that sweetness is maintained. A family dinner can be made enjoyable by adding a dish consisting of sambar to enhance its tastiness. Sambar can also be taken in the morning during breakfast alongside hot tea.

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