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Traditional Recipes Of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a state that has many delicious traditional dishes due to their love for making recipes. Every community can boast of their nice traditional dishes which they value. Pumpkin Sambar is a traditional dish that is used at every festival in Tamil Nadu gatherings. Tamarind pulp is extracted using the hot water method, while an ingredient called toor dal is cooked, before heating your oil to roast some ingredients for aroma. Stir in the fried paste before adding the tamarind pulp, then allow the mixture to boil for a few minutes. Add the mashed toor dal with water to make sure it mixes properly and stirs consistently, so when it’s cooked, serve with boiled rice.

Onion Sambar is another Tamil Nadu

Onion Sambar is another Tamil Nadu traditional recipe used in eating hot rice. In this recipe, oil is heated and fried with some ingredients which includes curry leaves for a good aroma. Onions are added later, but fried till they get soft enough for the oil to be able to separate from the paste. It should be left to boil properly, so the mixtures can blend before serving to people with rice. Individuals from this state love the Onion Sambar recipe because it has a special aroma that makes food appetizing.

Traditional Recipes Of Tamil Nadu

Coconut rice is also a popular delicious traditional dish in this state, so it’s a regular dish prepared in social gatherings. Start by cooking the rice with salt, then place it aside. Heat the oil extracted from the coconut fruit with the mustard seed, alongside the chilly pepper, before you stir the mixture thoroughly. After a few minutes of cooking with intense heat, add cashew, curry leaves with other special ingredients for a good scent. An important piece of advice is to add some grated coconut chips to the taste and stir. When these procedures have been implemented, add your boiled rice to the paste using a big spoon to mix properly. Taste of salt because it might not be tasty enough, so you can add if more is required, then your coconut rice is ready to be served.

Elephant yam stew is a spicy dish that requires the peeling of yam which should be rinsed, and chopped into small cubes. Chefs apply oil on their hands to avoid skin irritation. The yam is cooked with heat till it gets soft, then mashed to a paste. Oil is heated with mustard and salt, alongside other ingredients including ginger. Pour into the mashed yam under low heat to avoid burning, then mix. Their chicken is fried specially because they sauce it with good ingredients.

Garlic and onions are blended into a paste, but set aside. Pepper, curry leaves, tumeric, salt, and others are added to the hot oil. The chicken is fried with oil, before being served with rice. There’s a traditional dish called mango stew, where mango cubes are boiled with tumeric till it gets soft. When the mango boils, salt with other items are added, then stirred. These traditional dishes are unique in every aspect, and foreigners, alongside indigenous people of Tamil Nadu, can boast of how delicious their food seems.

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